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If you read my pending Super Airplane sequel, you’ll become privy to something deeply personal regarding my psyche.

An excerpt:

It’s like I told Jenn – whether I make a hundred dollars or a hundred thousand dollars in any given month, I’ll always be broke at the end of it.

After that there’s a bunch of explosions and Bruce Willis drives a giant airplane to the Moon, which is on fire. #literature

In any case, the above trait – while embedded in fiction – is as purely autobiographical as something can be.

The price on the iPad 2 dropped to $399 upon announcement of the new model, and one trip to Target to buy gum later, it was over. Completely unnecessary purchase.

Money, hole, pocket, burning, Mom. (I called my Mom to try to get her to talk me out of it, but that was no good – this is a trait I inherited straight from her genetic profile. I knew this when I called her, and in truth was trying to get her to push me through the transaction.)

I love it, though. No regrets, even though I’ve been staunchly in the Team Google camp as far as mobile products up until now. Except my iPod – what a wasted sentence that was.

In closing, the picture there was taken with the iPad, this post was written in the WordPress App, and I’m wearing a tank to the top.

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  • Traitor.

  • I couldn’t wait for the pure experience google tablet any longer. Besides the google app on this thing brings almost the whole experience in. Just missing chrome stuff.

  • Trendsetter.

  • How the mighty have fallen.