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I have four novels and one novella for sale out there in the world, descriptions of which are below. They’re available in Paperback and eBook form – the ebook versions are available on Amazon’s Kindle and Barnes & Noble’s Nook.

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In the year 2012, These United States of America is politically divided to a degree not seen since the Civil War. On one side stands the fast emerging pro-flying car contingent; on the other, the stubborn and traditional pro-airplane members of the populace.

At stake? The entire future of airborne leisure and transportation.

Set against this tumultuous backdrop, a young screenwriter has written a book about the only thing that can save the airplane riding industry – an impossible to conceive, 47-story airplane of such power and wonder, the world will have no choice but to submit to its glory.

When a desperate CEO steals the concept and sets out to construct the miraculous vehicle, like it’s amazing what happens or something.

As a Paperback on Amazon (11.99)
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As a Nook eBook (2.99)


In the spring of 1998, Brad Radby quietly directed his first movie, THE EXPLODERS, starring Bruce Willis, Will Smith, and Keanu Reeves.

When it was finally released in May of 2013 as BRAD RADBY’S THE EXPLODERS, the film industry was changed forever. In the years between, Mr. Radby directed thirty-six other movies, before his alleged death aboard the famed Super Airplane in December of 2012.

Inside the pages of BRAD RADBY’S BRAD RADBY, in his own words, Mr. Radby walks you through each of these films, giving valuable insights into the stories, and the stories behind the stories.

As a Paperback on Amazon (7.99)
As a Kindle eBook (2.99)
As a Nook eBook (2.99)


The Christmas Bridge is the most important statement to ever be made on the nature of holidays and adulthood and giant bridges that have Christmas themes and decorations and activities.

It’s 2020, and These United States of America has undergone a dramatic series of changes in the four years since the election of Bruce Willis as President.

The flying car is now the one, true future of airborne leisure and transportation, making the need for airplanes, traditional bridges, and all forms of ground-based travel irrelevant.

Bigger than the logistical and metric-based changes of this strange new world are the extreme holiday-based initiatives, which include the outlawing of none other than Christmas Day.

When a charismatic life drifter and a one-time actoring icon are tasked by Santa Claus himself to build a 200-mile long haven for those who still want some Christmas to happen, people’s souls get healed or whatever.

You can tell how timeless the story is because it takes place precisely in 2020.

As a Paperback on Amazon (9.99)
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As a Nook eBook (2.99)

The stunning, charismatic sequel to PRELUDE TO A SUPER AIRPLANE takes the series to more epic, pretentious and stupid places than ever imagined.

As Captain Bruce Willis drives the Super Airplane to outer space to fight the MoonFire, the various story lines of the riders of the one-time future of airborne leisure and transportation begin to play out.

Brian Spathe once again finds himself central to these conflicts, yet only wants to resolve the shocking secrets he’s learned about his one true love, Jennifer Cormier.

On the ground, Brian’s father Jeff, the now-revealed inventor of the flying car, begins an assault on the future of These United States of America, attempting to end the Age of the Airplane once and for all.

Also, Brian takes off his shirt and a bunch of characters die.

Paperback ($11.00)
Kindle ($3.99)

A peek into the history of These United States of America finds a yorn focus on Rogelle Climberson, Jr., the self-important heir to the empiric Climberson Climbing Company.

The year is 1789, and Rogelle has become enchanted with the beautiful Harmony Milloy, a f–king hot peasant girl who works bagging leaves in the neighboring estate’s corn fields.

In order to gain an audience with her, Rogelle feigns to have acquired the deadliest of diseases, the most fatal Penchant Fleu. P’tay!

As Rogelle’s web of lies grows and Harmony reveals her own mysteries, Master Climberson gets confused, and learns lessons, and the well gets poisoned, and he falls in love, and etc.

A Ballad of Rogelle Climberson is a 13,000 word colonial romance novella. lol

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