Book #2 of the Super Airplane series.

The stunning, charismatic sequel to PRELUDE TO A SUPER AIRPLANE takes the series to more epic, pretentious and stupid places than ever imagined.

As Captain Bruce Willis drives the Super Airplane to outer space to fight the MoonFire, the various story lines of the riders of the one-time future of airborne leisure and transportation begin to play out.

Brian Spathe once again finds himself central to these conflicts, yet only wants to resolve the shocking secrets he’s learned about his one true love, Jennifer Cormier.

On the ground, Brian’s father Jeff, the now-revealed inventor of the flying car, begins an assault on the future of These United States of America, attempting to end the Age of the Airplane once and for all.

Also, Brian takes off his shirt and a bunch of characters die.

This confirms my commitment to writing this six-book whole series, so go ahead and dive in. Flight is twice as long and twice as coherent as Prelude, and really maps out where the rest of the Saga of the Super Airplane is heading.

Like all my books, this is written with short, digestible chapters and paragraphs – it reads great on a phone, tablet, eReader of your choice, or in paperback. I am in love with you.

Paperback ($11.00)
Kindle ($3.99)