Brian Spaeth

I do writing and the occasional actoring, and have been told I have an “a-hole like ability to make a screenplay out of nothing”. In recent years I’ve taken to writing books, five of which are published.

I used to write this NBA-based comedic website, before committing blog suicide. I published an epic, pretentious, and stupid novel called Prelude to a Super Airplane, and a tie-in movie parody book called Brad Radby’s Brad Radby. My most recent books are The Christmas Bridge and a novella, A Ballad of Rogelle Climberson, and the second Super Airplane book, Flight of a Super Airplane.

My first produced feature film, Who Shot Mamba?, came out in late 2009. I also wrote it and did actoring in it. Poke around the Film/Video menu of this see to find more of my work – I also mess around on YouTube here and there.

On the side, I run a successful business wherein I call people and pretend to be a turtle.

If you want to say hello for any reason – including hiring me to do any number of things – just email me at brian [at] brian23.com. brb

  • routerlightblinksandblinkssomemore

    The airplane goes, “Moo.”

  • susan

    Hi, I have a nose like yours, a gift.

  • dandidan

    I find you very attractive, does that count? :D

  • Nate

    Dude yaysports was the man, I wished you left the website up, would you have the pictures just for a trip down memory lane