Harold Potter, You Wake Up!

harry potter podcastA couple times per week I call and wake up Adam Jacobi, talk to him for about 15 minutes about whatever, and then we put it on the internet.

This experience is called Harold Potter, You Wake Up! and you can subscribe to it on iTunes.

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In April 2012, I started a weekly podcast with Robert Carroll – a friend and reality TV producer – which is centered on HBO’s new show Girls.

On Guys Who Watch Girls, we attempt to figure out if we actually like Girls, or if we just like talking about it.

At only +/-12 minutes, it’s the perfect podcast length, at least to me. You can watch it on the show’s Tumblrized website or by subscribing with iTunes.

Below are the first two episodes. I think both Robert (follow him on Twitter) and I hope this continues in some form during the show’s offseason, or in the case of cancellation.