PTSAFRONT290PRELUDE TO A SUPER AIRPLANE is a comedic novel about a screenwriter who has his concept for a 47-story airplane stolen by one of the major airlines, which intends to build it for real-world commercial use.

There’s more (including sample chapters) below, but I’m sure that’s plenty to inspire a purchase:

As a Kindle eBook (2.99)
As a Nook eBook (2.99)
As a Paperback on Amazon (11.99)

PTSA is the first in a series – the second book, FLIGHT OF A SUPER AIRPLANE, is also available.

More about the story in Prelude to a Super Airplane:

In the year 2012, These United States of America is politically divided to a degree not seen since the Civil War. On one side stands the fast emerging pro-flying car contingent; on the other, the stubborn and traditional pro-airplane members of the populace.

At stake? The entire future of airborne leisure and transportation.

Set against this tumultuous backdrop, a young screenwriter has written a book about the only thing that can save the airplane riding industry – an impossible to conceive, 47-story airplane of such power and wonder, the world will have no choice but to submit to its glory.

When a desperate CEO steals the concept and sets out to construct the miraculous vehicle, like it’s amazing what happens or something.

The world’s first comedy-political thriller-mystery-drama-romance-action/adventure-science fiction-showbiz insider-horror-family-energy drink industry insider-holiday autobiography, Prelude to a Super Airplane weaves the lives and destinies of 40 people together in astounding ways, as they all find themselves facing the future of airplane riding…the Super Airplane.

As a Paperback on Amazon (11.99)
As a Kindle eBook (2.99)
As a Nook eBook (2.99)

This is primarily a comedy, but like most things I do, it’s got a serious mythology and story behind it.

If I had to sum it up, it’d be “Lost + Airplane! + a touch of Atlas Shrugged + complete irreverence”. More than anything, it’s funny, and airplaney, and TUMULTUOUS, and possibly poorly written.

This is, as far as I’m aware, also the first book with its own musical score, and it all begins with this statement:

What follows are one hundred and four (104) wholly random, separate, simple, and unrelated thoughts about airplanes.

When pieced together, they form an intricately detailed and complex airplane story.

It was written in a period of seven (7) days.

You can read the first 20 chapters (+ Chapter 31) via the links below, or simply download this content as a pdf by clicking here.

Also, this will surely go down as the definitive review/essay on PTSA.

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(Don’t forget that the sequel, FLIGHT OF A SUPER AIRPLANE, is now also available.)