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Finally an Expert in Colonial Period Fiction

If you haven’t yet purchased my new comedy-laden novella A Ballad of Rogelle Climberson, are you in luck.

I’m going to buy it for you, because I really want it to be the #1 Kindle listing for Colonial Period Fiction.


Remember, you don’t need an actual Kindle device to read a Kindle ebook – just grab one of the free apps and read it on anything, including your computer.

Just enter your name/email below and I’ll gift you a copy of Rogelle. Merry Christmas, and you like garland so much, and etc.

All About Rogelle Climberson

(Click cover for full-size version.)

With all the turtlecalls madness, I almost forgot about A Ballad of Rogelle Climberson.

A peek into the history of These United States of America finds a yorn focus on Rogelle Climberson, Jr., the self-important heir to the empiric Climberson Climbing Company.

The year is 1789, and Rogelle has become enchanted with the beautiful Harmony Milloy, a f–king hot peasant girl who works bagging leaves in the neighboring estate’s corn fields. In order to gain an audience with her, Rogelle feigns to have acquired a deadliest of diseases, the most fatal Penchant Fleu.


As Rogelle’s web of lies grows and Harmony reveals her own mysteries, Master Climberson gets confused, and learns lessons, and the well gets poisoned, and he falls in love, and etc.

A Ballad of Rogelle Climberson is a 13,000 word colonial romance novella. lol

That sounds so good.

It’s only 99 cents on the Kindle platform, and remember – you don’t need an actual Kindle. There are apps for iPhone, Android, PC, Mac, and everything else.

Thanks for your support – the first chapter is below. (Or through the link, if you’re on the main page.)
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