Young British People in Tents

I know I am being bad about how I’m so racist with this post but you should read it so you can have a life lesson happen to you.

Here’s the jib.

One of the cool movie guys I know was having a read on my new script and yep you guessed it there’s another uppity olde tyme British kid in it like the little fella from Who Shot Mamba?.

Well he made a note for the script that was like, “what is with you and young British people,” and also another note was, “what is with you and tents”.

I did a response note and I wrote that note in magic marker handwriting and sent it to him in the mail so he could know how serious I was.

If you showed me a bunch of proper young Brits in a tent I’d have a heart attack from laughing so hard.

There was another version that went out UPS and it was the same note but in a different color.

That was my day yesterday; what were you up to.

Oh if you’ve been missing that guy Timmy from WSM? he shows back up in that new Christmas book that I have coming, and now he makes his words happen on his Twitter.

  • I tried really, really hard to decipher what he was saying.

    But in the end he’s just to young and british for me.