Why Does My Sister Hate Me?

vote obama 2012It’s not often I ask myself, “Why does my sister hate me?” but this weekend was one of those times.

Understand a few things.

I’ve written my sister into the Super Airplane book series as perhaps the saga’s coolest character.

She’s never read them.

We lived together for four years, and during this span, I would often send her emails to the tune of “I need your half of the electric bill or they will shut it off,” only to have them ignored.

As a test once, I send an email with the subject “OF VITAL IMPORTANCE” and when I asked later if she’d read it, was told she “didn’t have time”.

Now, I love my sister to death, but the fact is that she hates to read and write anything.

To a point.

The other day I sent her this link about the pending Boy Meets World sequel series, and got this back literally within minutes.

VERY exciting. I would think Ben Savage is VERY ugly though considering he always was.

They have to get Ryder Strong to be their next door neighbor too. I’m sure they’d all be happy to working again. Although I think Topanga has been a host on something for a long time.

At some point around the Hannah Montana years those Disney channel teenager shows became really annoying though. I think cuz I’m old…?? The last era I could tolerate was Even Stevens with Shia LaBoofy and Lizzie Mcguire with Hillary Duff and guest star boyfriend Aaron Carter

I had a dream last night I was watching a football game on TV and Britney Spears was there and the camera was showing her and her friends during a timeout or something and it was obvious it was like “girls night out” cuz her fiance wasn’t there and then all of a sudden she started crying like she did with Diane Sawyer that time and then the camera went off of and they broke to commercial really fast. I think cuz last night I saw at the grocery store on US Weekly or something that her and her boyfriend are breaking up. Is this true? Mom – what’s the scoop?


I responded to this with a short note explaining I was having my legs amputated, just to see how it might change my life.

She has yet to get back to me.

  • Ha! I don’t know what just happened here, but I love it.

  • Brian, I am pretty sure it’s because she knows your mom likes you best.

  • MCBias

    That’s funny, your sister always responds to my texts rapidly. Strange.