Why Do People Like Vine

vine logoWhen I first heard of Vine, I had no interest whatsoever. It sounded like a fancier gif-maker, and I get overloaded on gifs.

After using it to make the below, I love it. Here’s why.

1) There’s a tactile pleasure in taking the video. Touch, and it’s recording. Don’t touch, it stops. It’s fun.

2) When I started to love Twitter is when I saw how it was forcing me into an economy of writing mindset. Say more with less. The same applies here.

Do I need 2:39 to review Fifty Shades of Grey? Can I do it in :06 instead?

3) It is what it is. As a semi-perfectionist currently agonizing over every frame of a feature, Vine’s inability to move clips around, or fix the sound, color, etc is a relief.

I’ll use Vine a lot, mostly at Target or while driving.