What Does It Mean To Go Ham

I was being on Google, and that is a search engine that maybe you know about.

Sometimes on Google, when you type something in, the nerds who made up Google will play a fun real-time game with you, where they try to do a guess about your search.

Like if you type in “Brian” the first option is “Brian Spaeth shoe size” because everyone wants to know that.

I am popular in Russia and South Africa.

Another good one is what happens when you type “what does it mean”. Yep, look at that picture – what all the Russians also want to know is what “going ham” means, and hip hops, and shoulder dust, and etc.

Check out the urban dictionary definition and you can see these excerpts and more about knowing your “going ham” lingo.

You going ham tonight?
Nah, I got finals tomorrow.

Verb. To go crazy, all out, like a bro.

Joc admits most people may not even know the term’s origin.

upgrading from bologna

You aren’t supposed to go ham before a big test, because you will forget the answers.

Now I am going to type in “does Jay-Z” and see what happens. What will you type.