One Thing I Really Wonder

watch cobra onlineI have 56 blog post drafts inside my WordPress install here at, and this morning I decided to browse them.

The title of this one made me curious, for obvious reasons.

What was I wondering that morning back in March of 2012?

It turns out I was thinking about 2005. This is that post. Or this is all a big fabrication, and I just needed a way to tell everyone I bought Cobra from Amazon Primal.

I find myself thinking this morning of an afternoon in mid-2005 – when YouTube barely existed and was largely unknown – as I explained to my father that one day we’d be able to watch anything we wanted at the push of a button.

This would include, but by no means be limited to, The Adventures of Marion Cobretti. In most countries this film is known as only as Cobra.

“Wouldn’t it be great to watch Cobra right this minute, father?” Cobra never played (or plays) on cable, and the DVD isn’t one many folks have sitting around the house. “It’s so very watchable!”

Yesterday wrought this Tweet.

am i the only person on earth who bought cobra from amazon instant video this morning thx
8:19 AM – 4 Mar 12 via TweetDeck

I think it’s a viable question, even here in May, as I finally finish this post, and Cobra is still only 6.99 to own forever.

While I haven’t watched it yet, there’s a comfort in knowing it’s there for me in Amazon Primal, right next to Face/Off.

  • Is there an actual cobra in this movie?

    I wonder if (s)he plays basketball.

  • the cobra has a thor hammer