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Star Wars Episode VII Rumors

Recent internet talk says the Millenium Falcon plays a “big role” in the upcoming Star Wars Episode VII relaunch.

Further rumors whisper that the famous space saloon from the original Star Wars is being recreated for same.

I’m all for revisiting characters from the prime SW trilogy – it’s a sequel, after all – but isn’t this overly self-referential stuff a part of what made the prequels so awful?

I did a stud video about this for my YouTube channel; watch it below and then below that, my ideas for what should be done with the Falcon and Tatooine going forward.

If you didn’t get it from the above, the baseline concept is that I want new ideas, new concepts, and new exploration of what feels like the smallest fictional galaxy in existence.

As such, how about if we simply show a huge part of the Falcon lying in a scrap heap with a bunch of other old ships and wreckages and debris? How did it get destroyed?

We don’t know, and it’s not a plot point, and it’s never mentioned.

For Tatooine, let’s get even cooler. Have someone mention that it was quarantined years ago. Again, not a plot point, we don’t go there, etc.

It’s just an off-hand comment, ala the Clone Wars in Episode IV. (Before George Lucas decided to make the Clone Wars the most pivotal event in the personal and professional histories of the galaxy.)

Therein launches the coolest round of mystery, speculation, and fan fiction since forever.

As I said above, less is more. You’ve got one of the biggest entertainment brands in history – anything you do is going to be successful, so why not create all-new stuff?

Doesn’t a grumpy old Han Solo grumping it up as he pilots the kind of shiny new ship the kids use today sound a lot more fun than remixing our favorite lines from 30 years ago?

(Please note that just this morning, Warner Brothers announced that they’re making new Harry Potter movies, without using Harry Potter himself.)

Breaking Bad Spoilers

breaking bad spoilersThe following gchat conversation took place this morning between myself and my mother.

It contains Breaking Bad SPOILERS for everything up through the second episode of the final season, in addition to SPECULATIVE SPOILERS, i.e. my speculation about the ending.

Some people refer to that as 5.10, others call it 6.02, and I call it what I called it in the previous sentence.

That sentence served as your spoiler space.

Brian: it was also interesting how lydia was like a power player
Brian: i think the assumption was she was under the gun of those guys
Brian: ie still in charge of production

Mom: I loved her walking in the desert in her high heels! lol

Brian: yeah i noticed that too i couldn’t stop watching her feet lol
Brian: So here is my theory
Brian: it seems to me either walt or jesse is going to be forced to cook

Mom: Jesse doesn’t seem capable of anything right now

Brian: what if they capture someone like mike’s granddaughter and force jesse to cook
Brian: in the meantime walt has gone away with his beard and hair to hide
Brian: and so you assume the flash-forwards have been about walt is coming back to save him and be at least a little redeemed in some way
Brian: but he’s really coming back because jesse is hank’s star witness against walt,
and he only wants to “save him” so he can kill him with the ricin
Brian: Because I assume skylar is dead at that point
Brian: I think it will end with Jesse thanking Walt and telling him he forgives him, but not having known he’s taken the ricin
Brian: and walt goes off to dig up his money, but it’s clear he hates himself and has nothing left but his dark, corrupted soul

Mom: That’s pretty interesting brian

Brian: am i your smartest kid probably
Brian: you can say it it’s fine

Once you’ve gathered yourself from the BB Revelations and Spaeth Revelations, please watch this excitement video about the time I couldn’t remember Harry Potter’s name.