Urinals With Covers

futuristic urinal(Pictured: some sink/urinal hybrid I’m not so sure about.)

I had a whole post written about Girls again, but decided against it. I’ve determined I just don’t like the show very much and/or can’t relate to it.

Instead, here’s some ideas and concepts I discussed with my girlfriend the other day regarding urinals.

I’m big on having a urinal in one’s home, a concept she is squarely against, since there’s no lid/cover and therefore it’s disgusting.

I countered that the urinal could have a lid, which she didn’t think guys would ever go for or use.

(I don’t know if she thinks we would just go all over the top of the lid or what – parts of her argument here lost me. If I have to go, I’m not going to stop and be like “Oh…a lid…well.” in a British accent. This is why I don’t like the show Girls – none of it makes any sense.)

Anyway, I said that you could have a urinal with a lid that guys would love IF it had a futuristic auto-sliding lid – like something out of Star Trek that went WHOOOSH as you approached it. Many men would drink more water just to use it, thus improving their health, and the various healths of their offspring.

She frowned like that was stupid, and then I went outside and stood in the rain with my shirt off.

Would you want one of those urinals.

  • “I’d want one and I’m not even a bloke,” she said in a British accent.

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    the mirrors baffle and confuse me.