Here Comes Flight of a Super Airplane

(Thank you @milquetoast7 for this picture/Tweet showing your entire collection of my books, including a printed version of A Ballad of Rogelle Climberson.)

I keep putting off posting about my new book, because I’d like an interesting way to do it that’s not just, “Hey, I have a new book – go buy it.”

By chance, one of the many emails I seem to get for a different “bspaeth@” came in yesterday, and my opportunity had arrived.

The following came from a company called All-Star Equity International, and they deliver market value results.

Mr. and Mrs. Spaeth,

As discussed over the telephone with Ms. Carter, attached is our Letters of Intent for your properties. Please sign and fax or e-mail back to us.


My response:

We decided Ms. Carter shouldn’t try to kiss my wife when I am in the bathroom having a tinkle, and another thing is I just published a new novel and am looking for buyers. As an apology, perhaps Ms. Carter can buy my book – it’s only 3.99 in ebook form.

It’s about Bruce Willis driving an airplane the size of Chicago to the Moon to put out a giant fire. You either want to read that or you don’t, and you can find it via this link.

Another thing is that because of the naughty kissing, my wife and I are no longer speaking, especially since I have a girlfriend already, as you can see from my website blog site! What a stud I can be.

I have muscles is another thing you should keep in mind, just because it’s nice to think about. I don’t even know what that sentence means. Y’know what – writing this has been quite cathartic – I will get these filled out and sent back to you as soon as I get back together with my wife. She’s having a tinkle right now, so give me a few minutes.

How ironic has all of this been for you. Please write back soon.

Thank you,

Brian Spaeth

P.S. Are we buying her house or the other way around. I am not good at details.

Here’s what Flight of a Super Airplane is about.

The stunning, charismatic sequel to PRELUDE TO A SUPER AIRPLANE takes the series to more epic, pretentious and stupid places than ever imagined.

As Captain Bruce Willis drives the Super Airplane to outer space to fight the MoonFire, the various story lines of the riders of the one-time future of airborne leisure and transportation begin to play out.

can you use a kindle on an airplaneBrian Spathe once again finds himself central to these conflicts, yet only wants to resolve the shocking secrets he’s learned about his one true love, Jennifer Cormier.

On the ground, Brian’s father Jeff, the now-revealed inventor of the flying car, begins an assault on the future of These United States of America, attempting to end the Age of the Airplane once and for all.

Also, Brian takes off his shirt and a bunch of characters die.

This thing is twice the length of Prelude and also twice as coherent. Click the cover there to see it at a fuller size.

Paperback ($11.00)
Kindle ($3.99)

  • Aww. Yes it is a larger tome! Obv when I finish reading it, I’m gonna publish a Brian career retrospective and it will be written by a Girl and be 10 pages.

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    I have so many books and music to buy.