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Going to Analog Tape Camp in MN

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In the grand tradition of the time I was included in the Dog Show Board emails, @worstfan asked if I could respond to a mistake email he got yesterday.

Basically, some music organization confused him with an aspiring musician of the same name, thus inviting him to a class or event or something.

It was called a “Tape Camp”, whatever that is. This was my response.

Hi Chris,

I am Luke’s manager and think this looks great. As you know, he’s very optimistic after the fall tour. 10,492 downloads on “Mip Map! (Here’s a Tap!)” isn’t bad at all!

He’s had nothing but great things to say about you, and especially loved that you’re including more “ultra-hands on analog networking” at this next event. He shot me a text from the last analog networking session you had, and while I didn’t completely understand what that meant until I saw the pictures, I can see why he was so excited.

Can you say fun. You know what I mean. lol

On a side note, it’s hard to believe we haven’t met yet, and I greatly look forward to your New Year’s Eve Spaghetti Party 2011. If I’m understanding the invite correctly, everyone is supposed to bring one dish? I was thinking I would bring some of my special reverse peanut butter shaky bites. Are appetizers covered or am I good to go on those? They take 36 hours to bake so I need to hop on that if so.

I’ve cc’d Luke on this just so we’re all on the same page.


Brian Spaeth

I’m happy to do this for any of you, in any context. Just send them over. Or buy them a turtlecall.

Do you want my recipe for Special Reverse Peanut Butter Shaky Bites for your New Year’s Eve Party.

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