Prelude to a Super Airplane (Chapter 19)

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The airplane was shaking. Perhaps it was from the rain outside, or perhaps it was something more.

Perhaps something was inside the airplane. Perhaps it was the oft whispered of airplane monster, Monstero.

The legendary creature was said to have four legs, each one longer than the last.

This gave Monstero, so the legend said, an awkward gait/limp; almost like each of its legs were of different lengths.

To further describe what this would be like, the legend said to imagine that the first leg was 2 feet long, the second was 2.5 feet long, the third 3 feet long, and fourth leg was a full 4 feet long. Therefore, so it continued, Monstero’s fourth leg was two feet longer than the first.

A difference in leg length, even in people, was really scary, so one could only imagine how frightening Monstero was, with his monster face and uneven leg length.

Everyone in the plane listened intently as the airplane driver described the above, as is procedure during extreme airplane shaking.

(ARMTA regulations were explicit in this way, as they feared the repercussions and lawsuits should Monstero attack. Being that part of their mission statement was to protect the airplane ride companies from the lawyering of the legal companies, ARMTA officials felt this was important.)

“How can it be so fast with those different leg lengths?” one woman said, trying to ask how Monstero could be so fast if his legs were so different in length.

“Because it’s a monster,” her airplane seatmate replied. She was the adopted daughter of a dead scientist, so she knew about physics, and geography, and monsters.

“I’ll have the bacon and…“ said a third airplane passenger, this one so petrified they couldn’t finish their sentence.

The shaking was getting worse.

A small, freshly orphaned boy in the very back of the airplane, who had introduced himself to his airplane seatmate only as “M. Jones”, stood up. He was in the very back because he was an orphan, and couldn’t afford a computer. Had he a computer, M. Jones would surely have used it to check in early enough to garner a better choice of seat on this airplane.

“MONSTERO!!!” he declared, jutting his orphany chest forward, as he imagined a real man would. “SHOW YOURSELF!!”

M. Jones made two fists, and put them in front of himself, like a street brawler from 1927. Everyone thought that looked dumb, and started laughing at him.

Embarrassed, M. Jones sat down in his airplane seat, and wept. He would have to wait for another day to show what a man he was, it seemed.

He also did this because the airplane shaking had stopped, and the airplane driver was apologizing for scaring everyone with his tale of the legendary Monstero. This apology was also per ARMTA regulations.

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