Prelude to a Super Airplane (Chapter 15)

(The following is an excerpt from my book, Prelude to a Super Airplane. It can be purchased by clicking on any of the roughly 400 banners adorning this site, or by clicking here. It’s also available on Amazon.

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I’m not going to turn this book into an analysis of the various airplane ride companies, but I do want to take the time to send some business to my favorite one.

Surely you’ve heard of Southwestern Airplane Rides, but have you ever taken an airplane ride on Southwestern Airplane Rides? It’s not the most expensive or fancy airplane ride company – in fact, I think it’s the cheapest.

But they do one thing that I simply love, and that’s self-seating.

Being tall and deceptively muscular, it’s difficult to find an airplane seat that’s totally comfortable. The goal, therefore, is to get into either the front row or the middle row, where there’s more legroom for someone like myself.

With Southwestern Airplane Rides’ self-seating, they make my task that much easier. I just have make sure I use their online internet website to check-in from home, absolutely as early as it’s permitted.

This gives you an “A” designation, which means you get on the airplane first. Following the logic – if I get on first, there are more seats open, often including those I desire.

Simple, yes?

Perhaps I’m easily pleased, but being able to do this outweighs the mountain of corners Southwestern Airplane Rides cuts in all areas of the airplane ride experience. These are too numerous to list here, and you could probably write an entire book just about these cut corners.

Oh, the other thing I love is their slogan, because it doesn’t try to fool or dazzle you – it is what it is:

Our Airplane Rides Are Good Enough, and Get You From Point A to Point B, Safely and On Time

What more or less could be said than that?

Southwestern Airplane Rides also has celebrity endorsements, with straight-to-the-point commercials featuring those celebrities. They go all out on these, and get famous movie directors to bring their unique concepts and sensibilities to them, and I admire that.

So, they get you where you’re going in one piece, let you pick your own seats, and support the arts. That’s all I could ever want from an airplane ride company.

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