Prelude to a Super Airplane (Chapter 14)

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Dr. Ramie Fromica stared at the walls and walls of books that lined her fancy, five-walled psychiatry office.

She loved to read, which is why she had so many walls. Without this vast amount of wall space, there was no way she’d have room to store all her books.

Nathan Hamm was lying on her fancy psychiatry sofa, and Dr. Ramie Fromica was thankful that his hour was almost up. Nathan Hamm was, in Ramie’s eyes, a raw, savage human being, not unlike her husband.

The doctor knew that Nathan owned a large beverage company of some kind, and was very stressed, and that this often caused him to talk loudly, and that it was her job to help him fix these things, and that he paid her well to do this, and…it was, as it was on most days, all quite unbearable.

She sighed to herself, but out loud, so that her patient could hear her frustration with his presence in her fancy psychiatry office. Was this all there was? She also said this out loud, and to her surprise, Nathan Hamm began to answer this question, in detail, and of course, a high volume.

In this moment, Dr. Ramie Fromica was glad that Nathan Hamm talked with his boisterous volume, because it allowed her to finger her Blackberri Tornado, which was far more important and interesting than whatever he was speaking of.

(The irony of this was not lost on Ramie Fromica, because Nathan Hamm had been speaking all day of a disastrous, fiery series of explosions that had taken place at his company, setting great numbers of his employees on fire.)

And so, if it was not already clear enough, Dr. Ramie Fromica was feeling unsettled in her life, despite her efforts to shoot metaphorical injections of excitement into her day-to-day doings.

She was planning a new tattoo, and had joined a new reading group, and was suggesting ill-conceived courses of action to her patients, so that their problems became larger than hers.

Nathan Hamm was incoherent in his ramblings now, and so Dr. Ramie Fromica picked a list of prospective new patients, and chose one at random. To Dr. Ramie Fromica’s dismay, her choice was a young fitness model of some note with a “dual identity issue, and also a unique, airplane-based relationship problem”.

She sighed out loud to herself again, and imagined the pathetic and predictable first meeting, during which the fitness model would surely ask for a prescription within minutes, as all her other entertainment industry patients did.

Nathan Hamm was now standing on the fancy psychiatry sofa, screaming and swearing about his employees, and their tendencies to start large fires. Dr. Ramie Fromica sighed, and waved her hand at Nathan Hamm, wishing it would cause him to fall down and go to sleep. She was unsurprised when he did exactly that.

Dr. Ramie Fromica saw that she was, for all intents and purposes, alone in her office now, and she supposed this was by her own doing. At least she still had her walls, she thought to herself, out loud.

Her five walls, with all of their reading books.

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