Five Things About the NBA Playoffs

You may or may not know that I used to love the NBA, or American professional basketball.

At this point, I follow it, but can’t call myself actively engaged.

The reasons for this are varied, and if you have time to read 2000+ posts, you can skim what’s through that link and watch the breakdown from rabid to angry to frustrated to bitter to apathetic.

All that before the rest of the country even realized what an awful competitor LeBron James is.

I do still watch the Playoffs a bit more closely, and since they start tomorrow, here are five quick thoughts.

1) The Heat losing brings me more joy than anyone else winning, and I objectively see them losing again this year. Weak bench, weak inside, weak point guards, and more than anything, LeBron’s various fears, which cause him to disengage.

What happened last season will only make opposing crowds and players try to actively bring out those fears out. He’s vulnerable and everyone knows it.

Before you jump all over that, remember what I said before – I knew LeBron was crackable in 2006. It’s verified. It’s in the link.

2) Who I’d like to see win it all, in order: Lakers, Spurs, Thunder. I love Kobe, I like the idea of the Spurs getting one more in this weird season, and it’d be fun to see Durant/Westbrook get a title.

3) Again about LeBron. Not only is he a headcase, but The Avengers opens next week, plus Amazing Spider-Man and Dark Knight Rises this summer. He can’t handle any of this.

4) He loves movies, and that’s the meme.

5) I tried to do that graphic as like a meme thing, but I am old-school and it seemed weird. There’s a reason I retired. Pau Gasol has electricity instead of blood, and that’s another meme, but I think it’s one from 2007. There was a t-shirt and everything.

Do you like my NBA blog action and how excited I seem about it.

I had another post I was going to do about how I’ve never seen a horse in person that was much more energetic. Maybe I will do that on Monday.

  • nrojb

    are you a big asterisk guy? (i.e. title being cheapened by unusual season, e.g. phil jackson r.e. spurs 1999 title)

  • It seems like it should be but I’m not really feeling it, possibly because I’m just not as engaged as I used to be.