My Sister Beat Me At Facebook

brian spaeth kindle booksI was on Facebook trying to figure out why all the Catholic dating ads were getting shown to me when I decided to post something inspiring on my sister’s wall, so that she could have a great day at work.

Hey you were great on Wheel of Fortune last night – that was hilarious how you kept blurting out the answers when it wasn’t your turn lol

I expected her to ignore this, but it didn’t take long before she topped that completely, and without any room for me to deny it.

remember when I asked to buy a vowel and i bought a W. and there were 5 of them. and then pat didn’t make me pay for them because w’s not a vowel

The twist to the entire situation is that I was the one who ended up inspired, and did a Twitter at myself.

@brianspaeth i love you

That’s all. Goodbye.