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Cool Basketball Hat Ideas

I’m all about this new niche culture, especially when it comes to marketing.

If I can wrangle the 10-15 people in the world who are searching for “cool basketball hat ideas”, there’s no limit to how much product I can sell them.

Maybe I will get a nice Black Friday offer together with my best cool hat creativity prompts.

Here’s one for free: blue brim?

Star Wars Episode VII Spoilers

mark hamill new star warsBad fan fiction is pretty common, but the amount of bad fan fiction disguised as “Episode VII speculation” I’ve read on movie blogs over the past 48 hours has been excessive in volume.

Assuming this whole “we’re working off a pre-existing George Lucas treatment” is just a nice piece of politeness to the departing franchise creator, here’s what Disney should do.

Pick 10-12 strong-voiced filmmakers who aren’t named Les Wiseman, Brett Ratner, Michael Bay, Paul W.S. Anderson, Zack Snyder, or Bryan Singer, and invite them in to pitch with one prompt:

What would you do with Star Wars Episodes VII-IX?

That’s it.

Don’t force Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia, or anyone else on them initially – let’s see what some truly new takes on this property look like.

I’d love to see a totally new direction and cast of characters, but I assume they wouldn’t be calling it Episode VI if some kind of direct connection/continuation to what’s come before weren’t intended.

(btw I like all the work of all the directors above in their own way, I just think they’re wrong for this 2015 Star Wars film.

I’d actually be interested in a Bay or Snyder take on the universe, just not Episode VII.)