3 Things I Noticed About Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade

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Both @michaelgraham and I had Indiana Jones and His Last Crusade on this weekend, and this became apparent when we started acting like penitent men passing at the same time on Twitter.

Toward the end, some observations were made. This one was mine:

that knight looks at Indy like well I see women haven’t changed much in 700 years lol

Don’t get mad at that – watch the embed at the end of this post (skip to 1:05) and how the Knight and Indy look at each other.

Michael noted:

he has been there for 700 years guarding the Cup of Christ and she doesn’t even know he’s in the room so typical

More than anything, this made a lot of sense to me:

why don’t they just build out the interior of that place with condos etc and stay

It’s warm, there’s lots of space, and they can go get some immortality drinks whenever they need them. It’s not like they can’t travel around and do other things. The Knight is still the guy tasked with guarding the thing, and he seems willing to let everyone use it.

My favorite part is the end:

the Knight’s like thanks for stopping by losing my cup and leaving me with nothing to do for eternity

The end.

Why is this in Spanish and also subtitled in Spanish.

  • Great post. And….because it’s not subtitled, it’s closed captioning for the hearing impaired.

  • Ah, good point haha