Check Out My Impatience

All four or five people who can claim to actually know me well might tell you I can get impatient.

It’s not like an anger impatience – please don’t think that. It’s more of a thing where I simply can’t wait for something to get done before doing the next thing.

For example, just now I was filling up a glass of water from the tap, with the intent to use it to take my vitamins.

It got about a quarter of the way there – maybe a third – and I couldn’t take it. I wanted those pills inside me now.

Of course, it wasn’t enough, and I had to refill the glass a little of the way through the process. Ultimately, my impatience is costing me time here.

One solution could’ve been having two glasses in rotation under the running water, and I thought about this. The problem there is after I got the first glass out, I wanted to get the water inside it immediately – my impatience allowed no room to get out another glass.

How do I even get through the day.

My other problem is that only four or five people know me well, so there are very few people to help me through my mania.

If you ask people who think they know me well what I’m like, they’ll start to tell you and get stuck around the part where any hard intel would come into play.

Then they do one of those half-laugh-half-look-down-half-shake-their-head movements and are like, “Y’know, I uh…I forgot, I’m late for a math test.”

In conclusion, why do people who think they know me pretend to still be taking math classes. Can you help with this question:


  • Keith Howell

    My favorite color is….ooh look at that bird….

  • does that mean it is a blue bird

  • Anonymous

    Actually, I just had to spend an exorbitant amount of time deciding if I could actually say my favorite color is blue, when only offered “other” as an alternative option when my favorite color is actually Aqua, a blue sub-color accentuated with bright notes of green. I finally decide it was, in fact, not blue really much at all therefor forcing me to select “other”. I hate “other”. Sigh. 

    I woke up one morning last week with my new name of Acorn firmly lodged in my brain. I just wanted to share that with you. 
    Good day, Sir. 

  • i know a girl named acorn and her favorite color is light blue

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Wait, you mean besides me?

  • yais – she is a hunter/gatherer in southern georgia

  • Julie

    I like a dark light blue. Those are a lot of pills. Do you have scurvy or some other third-world vitamin-related malady?

  • I like blue vitamins.

  • *No I am just really into the singularity for sure*