How to Use Harry Potter to Impress Girls

A lot of you think my “draw Texas from memory” thing is the best the world has to offer for making girls be like, “wow who is this guy, and also he has such nice arms”.

Others among you have actually gone on to use this charming text.

Here’s a new gift for you.

That means a fun time is about to be on the blog.

Okay, first get to a Christmas Party or bar and be near a girl you want to talk to. You can also do this on a romance date.

Grab paper/pen, and ask her to write Harry Potter upside down.

When she asks why with her wtf look, just be confident, like you know exactly what this game is all about and it’s super fun.

After she’s done, you take your turn, and explain that you’ll then (together…!) compare whose is better and go to the next step.

Here comes the cool twist.

Once it’s your turn, STRUGGLE.

Get ahold of yourself, mate. lol

This will not fail, and I was laughing so hard during my part it was pretty infectious.

In fact, everyone in the establishment started laughing along, and a moment of joy was created. The boss of the place even put on “Angel of Harlem” and there was dancing and hugging.

That is so impressive if you can make that happen.

A bonus is that you can sell the paper on eBay later, unless she wants to put it in her special memory box that has things from boys.

Let her do that if she wants to.

  • ZeroKNS

    You do have nice arms. I’m always saying that about you everywhere, like on the internet and in places that are not the internet.

    And now that message this morning makes sense.

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