How To Make a Podcast

harry potter podcastBelow are the exact circumstances by which my new podcast with Adam Jacobi, The 4:00 Harry Potter Podcast, was almost created.

me: hey man what is up

Adam: Hello turtle

me: how is it going

Adam: I just got done eating a big-time pizza dinner and now it is time to use the DVR for TV shows

me: let’s do a harry potter podcast

Adam: I have a dangerously shallow knowledge of Harry Potter
Adam: I read the first 4 books about 8 years ago

me: yeah me too

Adam: so this is a fantastic idea
Adam: “what’s the one guy who turns into a horse?” “I dunno.” “Yeah me either”

me: that’s the owl

Adam: oh of course

me: i think he’s named hargro

Adam: beezledorf
Adam: Yes, we need to do this

me: they have to be short – i wish people would do 4 minute podcasts
me: I see these things download and they’re like an hour and 45 minutes lol

Adam: perfect for your daily commute to a different state entirely

me: lol

Adam: I can’t listen to podcasts and do anything else

me: exactly me neither
me: while exercising or driving – those are my only times

Adam: I can barely do it and drive

me: when do you want to try podcasting

Adam: Any time after noon CT any day.

me: let’s do it tomorrow lol
me: and totally wing it

Adam: yes. No more preparation

me: want to just do it over skype – like say 1PM central?

Adam: Yeah, that works
Adam: this is gonna be awesome

We did actually record one of these, and then we kicked it around a bit more, and then we silently gave up.

It was pretty funny but I would deem it unfocused. If we tried harder I bet we could do it really good, but the whole point was – as explained above – for it to be a low-effort affair.