How To Admit You Were Wrong To Your Mom

vine logoLast night, I needed to confess the origin of the sixth worst post from my eight years of blogging, and turned to gchat and my mother.

As she was unavailable, @thegnc agreed to stand in:

me: hey can you pretend to be my mom for second on chat

Andrew: sure

me: okey i will start
me: hey mom what’s up

Andrew: Nothing much, just made dinner

me: cool what did you have

Andrew: that Lasagna from Stouffers

me: haha remember when you used to make the stouffers french bread pizzas for browns games

Andrew: Those sundays were fun

me: hey speaking of did you see my half-hearted post about art modell
me: mom

Andrew: I’m sorry, no I didn’t

me: oh don’t look at it i’m embarrassed by it mommy

Andrew: you know I’m proud of you anyway

me: i only wrote it because some company paid me $150 to put a link to a casino site
me: so i had to do something nfl-related

Andrew: well have you ever thought of going back to school

me: no mom stop that!
me: what is dad doing; is he still into puzzles

Andrew: watching Justified on the DVR

me: you guys don’t watch that i just asked you yesterday
me: wtf is your problem lady
me: you are not acting like yourself

Andrew: How was your evening so far

me: stop dodging the question
me: are you and dad doing doobies or something

Andrew: what did you do for dinner?

me: okey thx that was a pretty nice mom imitation
me: and i like the organic implementation of the browns, which allowed for a smooth transition to my confession

Andrew: when am i getting some grandkids

me: no we can stop now

Andrew: but i like it

me: can i put this on my blog it will still be all you but pretending to be my mom and i will include this sentence so it’s clear and the thing is my mom wasn’t available but i hate that blog post about modell that i only did for money dollars and i wanted to confess it

Andrew: sure

me: ie it was paid bad writing, not real bad writing
me: and you know how well i do with an extra $150

  • well that explains things. and i was just going to blame the weather..