How Tall is Harry the Potter?

In today’s turtlecall the turtle complains about how the movies changed Harry the Potter’s height. Maybe watch so you have some context.

This got me to thinking – just how tall is Harry.

If you know anything about fictional wizardry, you’re aware that when anyone under 18 years old does their tricks, they grow exactly four inches while their wand is shooting the magic all over people’s faces.

The real question then – what if Harry has a permanent spell on. One in which he’s shooting subtle magic at someone’s face, so as to always appear four inches taller than he actually is.

While it never says this is happening in the books or films, it doesn’t say it’s not happening, either.

This is why those books are so deep, and also work for all ages.

J and K Roadlings did a masterful job in cloaking Harry’s secret all-the-time height spell. As much praise as they get as a writing duo, once my discovery becomes mainstream, their recognized brilliance should be pushed to even greater heights.

Has there ever been a brother-sister writing team like this one. Will there ever be again.

  • Suz

    J and K Roadlings. Quality.

  • I don’t think it’s a team I think it’s one man lol

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