How to Handle Negative Feedback

super airplane kindle ebookThere’s nothing like writing a new book and having it torment people.

Here’s a recent email from a reader of Flight of a Super Airplane.

(That’s an Amazon link, i.e. a prompt to go buy the book with your big new paycheck – only $3.99 in ebook form.)

Reading FOSA on breaks, and you murdered [redacted], and I hate you so much. Back to a Kristina chapter. Bye!

Kristina is Kristina Von Vendervan, the redhead in this video.

In the story, she’s often paired with professional basketball star Petey Skippen, a supporting character in Who Shot Mamba?.

There’s more to the real-life instigation of those two forming an action team that I could tell you, but that would be spoilers for Prelude to a Super Airplane. (On sale for only 2.51 right now.)

Do you see my universe-building I’m doing and how enticing it can be. You better start reading.

Okay, time for more negative feedback – this piece is from @milquetoast7.

@brianspaeth so i’m about 50 pages from the end of #FOSA but i’m reading really slowly because i don’t want it to end :/ #sadness

See how reading this series will crush your soul with its insistence on ending and its multiple deaths of major characters. #cry

And don’t worry @milque, based on the release schedule between Prelude and Flight, you should be seeing Book 3 by sometime in 2015.

No for real, I’d like to have the next one out late this year or early next. I have one more book to write and a SOMETHING to make, and then I can get to it.

In any case, handling negative feedback as a writer is easy, because I never get any. The end.

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