Half Price Hamburger Days Are Back

I almost went blogless today, but then a gchat gift was bestowed.

It was with a girl, because who would use gchat to talk to boys.

HER: not strawberries? turtles like strawberries

ME: turtles like hamburgers

HER: yesterday was half off hamburgers at [redacted] and it smelled all hamburger-y and everyone was eating hamburgers

ME: lolol everyone is looking around at each other like it’s this group experience
ME: “Wow really good…” “yeah hey how is yours…” “mmm good hamburger…” “didn’t expect that tomato…”
ME: like that’s all the murmuring and the chef is standing there with the manager with this knowing look on his face
ME: because the manager thought this was a crazy idea
ME: but he pulled it off
ME: I’m dying lolol
ME: thx I needed a blog post
ME: let me know if you are still online – I think I got kicked off for a second

I didn’t really get kicked off – I actually edited out the part between her last statement and all the amazing stuff I said.

This is the missing part:

HER: So…I need to ask you something about the business/personal issue we’re having since we went on our date.
HER: I’m struggling with this and we should talk.
HER: This could put me in a bad spot at work.
HER: Like really bad.

I saw that and was thinking, “There’s a conversation I don’t plan on having! LOL!” and just went to the rest of what you read, which was that funny stuff about hamburgers.

Then I went in Invisible mode and changed my avatar to the Ghostbusters logo. lol