Girls Podcast – How To Get Stuff Done

girls podcast lena dunhamNothing you read here is revolutionary or new, but I felt like writing it.

I seem to get a lot of emails and gchats and hand-written letters on expensive antique parchments from people about how to get stuff done.

This is probably because I’ve seemingly done a lot online: NBA blogs, turtlecalling services, published books, made a movie, written like 5000 blog posts, dabbled in and out of vlogging, and more additional things that were abandoned than I can remember.

That last thing is the important one, because each and every one of the things I can’t remember or haven’t listed were complete failures. I’ll revisit that.

Why a podcast about HBO’s Girls with Robert Carroll?

It seemed like a good idea. We kicked it around on Wednesday, recorded the first two on Sunday, and had them up on Monday. If it works, great. If it doesn’t, nobody will remember anyway.

The point is, it’s so easy to produce stuff today.

In the aforementioned messages from people, I see a lot of anguishing over how others will find a given project, and Kickstarter campaigns, and a whole host of other issues that don’t need consideration. Who cares about your blog theme – without blog posts it’s fairly irrelevant.

Just make stuff and get it out there. Then make more stuff.

No one thing is so golden or precious of an idea that it’s going to be the thing that “makes it”. turtlecalls was a one-off gag I never intended to use as anything more than a funny Tweet, and it ended up going for 15 months and paid for a lot of TVs and gadgets.

I wrote my first book by accident.

Imagine if I’d thought too hard about whether I should/could do it or not – it never would’ve happened. Now I have four books, and am working on a fifth.

In summation – Nike, just doing it, etc. That’s basically my answer to all of those questions.

I hope this didn’t come off as pretentious – that’s my biggest fear in life after ghosts of spiders.

You can watch Guys Who Watch Girls on Robert’s YouTube channel, and you can also subscribe to the audio-only version in iTunes. A week ago this wasn’t even an idea, and the third ep comes out today.

  • ghosts of spiders …. ahhhhhhhhhhhh i’ve never thought about that ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh that is much worse than bathtubs full of cupcakes

  • i wasn’t either until i wrote it and now i am thinking about how many spiders i’ve murdered unjustly

  • well Charlotte’s Web is obviously the most famous ghost spider