Girls and Abortion

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(Just to be clear, the title of this post refers to the TV show Girls, not girls in general.)

My like/hate relationship with this show is well-explained already, and conversations following Sunday’s episode brought into a more clear view why I’m so conflicted.

In Sunday’s episode, the British girl is going to get an abortion, she stops at a bar instead, makes out with some guy, and then something happens.

This gchat I had the next day explains both that, and my apparent misunderstanding of what that was. We pick this conversation up in the middle.

Her: like you didn’t laugh at doctor’s office scene, i bet
Her: they aren’t ha ha jokes anyway
Her: also the real parts probably gross you out
Her: like he put his hand down her pants and it came out bloody and they showed it

Me: I liked the stuff in the waiting room where they were mad at her for not coming to her own abortion party
Me: I didn’t mind the pants part with the blood – they had to show that
Me: cause of how she miscarried

Her: she got her period
Her: omg
Her: honestly

Me: what
Me: so she was lying about being pregnant?

Her: what? no
Her: she was confused – it happens all the time
Her: i mean not all the time but you know what i mean

Me: no clearly i do not
Me: if you think you’re pregnant don’t you take a pregnancy test

Her: what? lots of my friends have had pregnancy scares
Her: yes usually but they can come out wrong

Me: but how did she not know she wasn’t pregnant
Me: to schedule an abortion don’t you have to be pregnant lol

Her: no
Her: the first thing they do is give you a pregnancy test
Her: i’m sure she thought she was pregnant – she wasn’t just bluffing or something
Her: you are getting hung up on the weirdest things
Her: its like we’re watching 2 different shows or something

Me: I’m not hung up on that – I really didn’t understand lol
Me: I just assumed she was really pregnant and had a miscarriage ie blood
Me: and she was kinda relieved

Her: “kinda relieved”? bds – are you crazy?

A couple points.

First of all, when I meant she was relieved she didn’t have to go through with the abortion, I’m saying she was relieved she didn’t have to make that decision to go through with it and all that comes with it, before/during/after.

I’m NOT saying she was relieved because now she had a couple extra hours to kill or something flippant like that.

(I want to also note that we don’t know that character well enough yet to know everything about her situation. She’s been established as a complete flake, or at least that’s the exterior visage she’s put up.)

Secondly, it’s now clear that the reason I can’t get with this show is I have no understanding of what’s happening in half the scenes.

Dr. Who does things like reboot the entire universe with a giant Rubik’s Cube and it’s less baffling to me than Girls. (This applies to both the show and the gender.)

I really want to do a male-female podcast now about watching Girls. Would you listen to that on a scale of 1-15. Also, am I even more ignorant than I thought or are there other males out there who also misinterpreted this.

  • Suz


  • I thought the same as you.

  • what does this mean

  • Suz

    It means I get more and more frustrated with this show I have never seen.