Why Did I Put My iPod in the Fridge

my ipod is frozenI was prepping for a run this morning and couldn’t find my iPod anywhere.

Distraught I’d be forced to listen to nature as opposed to a doubletime podcast and/or Guns N’ Roses, I went ahead anyway, figuring it was just in my car or something.

Why I didn’t just look in my car, I have no idea. I walk right by it to go to the starting line. I suppose my thinking was that if it were in there, then I’d have to go back upstairs and get my headphones, etc.

This seemed like a huge hassle, but that’s a mania for another day.

Anyway, as I did my manly wind sprints, my mind began to clear up, and I generated a clear memory from yesterday afternoon, when I placed my iPod in my fridge, as pictured.

This was a vivid recollection, and I absolutely 100% remember – for no reason whatsoever – getting up from what I was writing and consciously deciding, “I need to put my iPod in the fridge.”

I have no idea what/why I was thinking that, but it was completely intentional, made sense in the moment, and then was forgotten. Thinking about it right now is actually kind of freaky – almost like an out-of-body thing.

I’ve been known to go into odd zones when I’m writing – note the content of my books – but this was a whole other place.

Another thing is yesterday my fridge did Fahrenheit, but now it does Celsius. Do you ever put things in my fridge.

  • Why do you go for runs?

  • it is good for my lungs and legs and my heart a little bit

  • Suz

    My 5 year old has an iPod she loves. I told her you put yours in the fridge and she said you shouldn’t do that because it might break.

  • I didn’t put any of my things in your fridge but I put some of your things in my fridge that one time

  • can i have those things back or are they gone

  •  It’s mostly just lettuce and a pack of batteries now