Who the Cavs Should Draft Based on Watching 11 Seconds of Each Top Prospect

My Cleveland Cavaliers got the first pick in the NBA Draft lasterday, which means it’s time for me to dictate who they should pick.

I used nbadraft.net’s Mock Draft to see who the top 3 prospects are, assuming that one of them would be the pick, and that CLE won’t trade down.

Next, I entered these names into the advanced search engine, Google, to find their highlight reels.

Intending to watch as much footage as possible, I found myself bored after 11 seconds of Nerlens Noel, and decided that would be my criteria for all three young men, none of whom I’ve ever heard of before.

I honestly used to love sports.

Here’s my breakdown.


NN spent the first 7 seconds staring off into space, and then blocked a little guy’s shot. Despite being 7 inches taller than me, he weighs only 6 pounds more.

When did 5-10 guys who only averaged 10 and 9 become #1 draft picks. Tony Battie managed 18 and 11.


BM also wasted his opening sequence by doing absolutely nothing to show me why he should be the pick, and I don’t like his shooting stroke. Ugly follow-through. His name sounds like a college player’s name.


OP managed to make two plays in his allotted time – he clearly plays at a fast pace. I think the shot he blocked was the same angle – and same player – as the one Nerlens did. He’s a small forward whose name sounds like an ABA stud from the ’70s.