Call For Christmas Dogs, Cats, Kids or Babies

Okay, so I’m giving away some media to celebrate my new book, etc.

Here’s exactly how it will go:

1) I’ll send you an excerpt from my new book The Christmas Bridge: A Timeless Excitement Fable.

2) You read said excerpt on video to your animal or child. This is preferably a dog, cat, or baby. You yourself don’t need to be on video unless you want to – just the receiver of the reading is fine.

NOTE: If you don’t have a dog, cat, or baby, you may use someone who’s willing to pretend they’re a dog, cat, or baby. I actually prefer this, and if they bark or go “goo goo ga ga” while you read to them, that’s even better.

3) You send me the video file via email to

4) I’ll put it online, adding a handsome thing at the end or overlaid in some fashion.

5) I’ll send you a hard or digital copy of the full book. If you’re a Kindle person, I’ll send you some money dollars you can use to buy the book. (It’s not out until October 4.)

I already have a few of these ready – I need to finish the book’s excitement website before they can go up.

Please note that the offer for a free HARD COPY is only happening if you email me by next Friday, September 24.

After that it’s digital only, because of how I hate going to the Post Office. I only intend to do that once.

If you’re one of the first 20 people to do this, I’ll also send you a copy of either Brad Radby’s Brad Radby, or Prelude to a Super Airplane, or my movie Who Shot Mamba?.

Maybe all of them – it depends on how many I have sitting around on that day and how angst-ridden I am about having to go to the Post Office.

Okay, so email me at and we will do all of this – thanks!