Best Thanksgiving Blessing From Google Voice

(For anyone that follows my ongoing technology strife/obsession, I broke and got the Droid Razr – it was free on Amazon today and I can’t wait for the Galaxy Nexus anymore.)

There are few things I like more than hearing from my old Who Shot Mamba? friend and director Dustin Pearlman.

Google Voicemail Transcription mangled his Happy Thanksgiving Message, as below.

Hey. So this is Dustin, I gotta fight started, but is I can. Or is it you now. I’d love to tell you in person But I’m like out see it.

So I guess.

Try me back, we’ll try to connect. Worst case, all the place that the other stuff but anyways, hope you’re doing well at Thanksgiving, and yeah yeah.

I’d listen to it, but I don’t want to ruin the idea that he got into a Thanksgiving fight and really wants to tell me about it in person, and yeah yeah.