Art Modell and Halls of Fame

colin kaepernickSeveral people have asked for my Super Bowl pick, but rather than talk about my weird man-crush on Colin Kaepernick, I’d prefer to point you to better places to get that type of info.

Who I think will win is far less important than who should win, which is the San Francisco Kaepernicks. This, simply because the Ravens winning is bad for society.

See: Modell, Art (Father of the Baltimore Ravens), and his pending Hall of Fame consideration this weekend.

If moving an historic and beloved institution like the Cleveland Browns from the city that did nothing but worship it isn’t enough to keep him out of the Hall, consider that he was an objectively terrible owner without the Move.

That his induction merits consideration – or even conversation – is a shame.

That allows transition into my criteria for Hall of Fame inductions for all people, places, and things:

If you have to consider it, it’s a no.

Let’s run through the current NBA for examples, since the only football players I know is that hunk Tom Brady, that werewolf Aaron Rodgers, and that cool dude Colin Kaepernick.

This is as of TODAY, not as of “if their career continues on its current path”. Tracy McGrady was on the HOF path once, as was Penny Hardaway.

Ray Allen – yes
Chris Bosh – no
Dwyane Wade – no
LeBron James – yes
Dwight Howard – no
Colin Kaepernick – yes
Jason Kidd – yes
Steve Nash – yes
Dirk Nowitzki – yes
Kevin Garnett – yes
Chubby Like A Baby – yes
Kobe Bryant – yes
Kevin Durant – no
Russell Westbrook – no
Tim Duncan – yes
Tony Parker – no
Manu Ginobili – no
Chris Paul – no

Again, this is as of today – Howard was the toughest ‘no’ because of his 3 Defensive Player of the Year Awards, but since I had to think about it, I had to nix him.

And I realize Ginobili will get in based on international – this was an accounting done for the Fictional NBA-Only Hall of Fame.

I’ve never heard of Jrue Holiday before today, so take that into account when analyzing my current NBA knowledge.