Are Panic Attacks Fun?

turtlecalls(My turtle Jeremy is having a cereal vacation.)

Sometimes I like to play around with Google and see what I can get high rankings in.

For example, did you know I’m #1 in Google for “texts to send girls” because of this post about charming texts to send girls?

You’d be shocked at how many hits that generates for the site, and then how many book sales it converts to.

Men (and lesbians) who don’t have a natural texting wit are an organic target demo for my writing.

Another group that possesses an organic love of my books are panic attack fetishists.

Let’s see how many of these terms I can be #1 in for Google by the end of the week.

Guy who loves panic attacks.
Are panic attacks bad for you?
When is the best time to have a panic attack?
Can anyone have a panic attack?
Best way to forget I had a panic attack.
Songs about panic attacks.
How to give someone a panic attack with pills.
Panic attacks from a cactus?
Grandpa is having a panic attack.

If you’re a kid who found this site by searching the last term, go ahead and call 911 and/or a psychologist – that’s the info you’re probably looking for.

Unless you were trying to put that on your Twitter, in which case you need to go to Twitter, and then type that in as a status update.

Check out this nice short film I made by accident.

  • panic attacks suck when there really bad.  But when there just normal bad they let you know you’re still alive.