Amazing Spider-Man 2 Spoilers

I’m as anti-spoiler as one gets, but after stumbling onto this early footage from Andrew Garfield is…The Amazing Spider-Man 2, I’m overwhelmed with the need to share.

Two small complaints.

1) While I appreciate going international – and the boost that gives the foreign box office – I fear the subtitles distract from great sequences like this one, which you can already see will become an iconic entry in action/adventure film history.

There’s pretty much “Indy shoots the swordsman” and then “Andrew Garfield tells the Toothache Alligator there’s probably a cake nearby”.

2) The Spidey nerd inside me is whining that Toothache Alligator’s problem in the comics is he just doesn’t brush – it has nothing to do with a sweet tooth.

I assume this is a grab for the Entenmann’s licensing dollars, but I’m for character and story over merchandising. Again, I get the need, but it irks me.

These are the only strikes against this early look at AGi…ASM2.