6 Amazing Sentences That Will Make You Think About Shia Labeouf Against Your Will

Try to pronounce it La-bee-oof. Thank you.

1) Could it be that a simple boy made from simple peanut butter would be able to do such an unsimple thing as getting the Fish Tax reinstated?

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen - UK Premiere - Outside Arrivals

2) Shia, get back in the hotel!


3) Television was in the midst of a massive creative resurgence, yet FX insisted on showing X-Men Origins: Wolverine no less than twice a day, every day.


4) Inside the heart of every champion was the heart of another champion, and then another, and that was three hearts in total.


5) She’d been researching the topic for years, as Megan knew her dissertation wouldn’t feel complete until she found at least one logical reason for the design of 9-volt batteries.


6) He knew he’d regret it later, but Shia Labeouf wanted those french fries.