2013 NCAA Bracket – Best Picking System

brian spaeth ncaa bracket(Click the bracket graphic to enlarge.)

This is the first time I’ve filled out an NCAA bracket in like 6 years, and the first time I’ve ever filled out a 2013 NCAA bracket.

It’s become quite automated since 2007. Computers.

Since I literally can’t name one college basketball player, I went with a the best picking system I could conceive, and chose winners alphabetically.

My Final Four are thus the 15, 6, 11, and 12 seeds.

The one hangup I had was Florida v FGCU. I didn’t know what the latter was, didn’t care to look it up, and either team was getting a 5-letter annihilation by Akron in the next round.

Speaking of, not long into the process, I realized Akron was my champ. “Not long into the process” being defined as “when I saw Akron”.

At least there’s sentimental value, and for those interested, I bet you’ll see LeBron James without a shirt if I nailed this.